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Luxury Yacht Security

We provide for 24/7 security and close protection services. Enjoy your trip and holidays. Let Security be our concern.

Private Yachts are often target of criminal activity. As the criminal attacks tend to occur more and more frequently within many of the regarded as ‘safe’ waters, our concern is to keep you aware of the latest threats and threat trends affecting your itinerary decisions.

From passage plan preparation, on-board vessel security watch shifts, security awareness and circumnavigation, up to close protection services and incident response actions, we implement / undertake a full-scale operational plan.

Sea Guardian is able to provide a maritime security service that not only ensures your safety but also Integrates as hand In glove with crew and operations. Keep in mind that we put into practice a very discreet code of conduct in order to ensure you are not exposing yourself into thrifty risk simply by choosing our services.