21 Apr 2018 - Piracy attack / Boarding - 40 nm S of BONNY ISLAND, NIGERIA - https://t.co/a9vagmP1NC https://t.co/U6Bwv5mwoW 1
UKMTO Weekly Report 20 Apr 2018 - https://t.co/pUmvogTD9z https://t.co/2AuASVeiCa 0
MDAT – GoG Weekly Report 13th April – 20th April 2018 - https://t.co/GONf8Ayx0P https://t.co/ST2T9oc1YU 0
Ramaphosa approves Op Copper extension - https://t.co/2G6er7yFdB https://t.co/g4Mal6PgvB 0
Nigerians can’t afford another 4 years poverty ridden administration, ex militants tell Buhari - https://t.co/dsenMqxG3o https://t.co/GfEgeI32E0 0
China’s Belt And Road Initiative: Ambition And Opportunity – Analysis - https://t.co/OfMfxGWw4A https://t.co/Ex1Qq1yqwe 0
Al-Qaeda Raids in Somalia Scuttle Africa's Plan to Withdraw - https://t.co/JDXDtwEPo9 https://t.co/uW6Gef9auZ 0
We're watching anytime, anywhere, everytime: Indian Navy's cheeky message to China - https://t.co/plP3QTogyJ https://t.co/VmfpAOCplX 0
China praises Pakistan Navy’s efforts for maritime security - https://t.co/UNhE4ckYHX https://t.co/Gd1z0o5eJE 0
ReCAAP ISC Weekly Report 10-16 April 2018 - https://t.co/9iUyTEiawz https://t.co/zpqDs1oIZw 3

ISPS Code Implementation & Support

Ship Security Plan Implementation & New Builds Project Management Security Consulting

Sea Guardian provides for experienced consultants supporting every Ship Security Plan enhancement and ISPS Code Requirements Implementation.
Especially, we support new builds projects’ security measures enhancement and optimization, as per specific vessel’s type needs for ISPS Code and BMP implementation.

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