21 Apr 2018 - Piracy attack / Boarding - 40 nm S of BONNY ISLAND, NIGERIA - https://t.co/a9vagmP1NC https://t.co/U6Bwv5mwoW 1
UKMTO Weekly Report 20 Apr 2018 - https://t.co/pUmvogTD9z https://t.co/2AuASVeiCa 0
MDAT – GoG Weekly Report 13th April – 20th April 2018 - https://t.co/GONf8Ayx0P https://t.co/ST2T9oc1YU 0
Ramaphosa approves Op Copper extension - https://t.co/2G6er7yFdB https://t.co/g4Mal6PgvB 0
Nigerians can’t afford another 4 years poverty ridden administration, ex militants tell Buhari - https://t.co/dsenMqxG3o https://t.co/GfEgeI32E0 0
China’s Belt And Road Initiative: Ambition And Opportunity – Analysis - https://t.co/OfMfxGWw4A https://t.co/Ex1Qq1yqwe 0
Al-Qaeda Raids in Somalia Scuttle Africa's Plan to Withdraw - https://t.co/JDXDtwEPo9 https://t.co/uW6Gef9auZ 0
We're watching anytime, anywhere, everytime: Indian Navy's cheeky message to China - https://t.co/plP3QTogyJ https://t.co/VmfpAOCplX 0
China praises Pakistan Navy’s efforts for maritime security - https://t.co/UNhE4ckYHX https://t.co/Gd1z0o5eJE 0
ReCAAP ISC Weekly Report 10-16 April 2018 - https://t.co/9iUyTEiawz https://t.co/zpqDs1oIZw 3

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