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In times of uncertainty, where maritime security challenges increasing in frequency and violence, the need of highly qualified security guards is of paramount importance. Common individuals with uncommon desire to succeed, forged by adversity, ready to stand alongside seafarers to protect their right to work undistracted, serving ships’ Master and crew.
In order to achieve these characteristics, all candidate security guards are required to successfully complete the following courses:

Induction training

  • Sea Guardian Ethics, Code of Conduct and Anti-Discrimination Polices
  • International Code Of Conduct For Private Security Service Providers
  • Sea Guardian policies and procedures

Basic Security Guard Course (BSGC)

  • Sea Guardian Deployment SOPs
  • Basic Seafarers’ firefighting concept
  • Basic Seafarers’ survival at sea concept
  • Elementary First Aid – Trauma management course

Advanced Security Guard Course (ASGC)

The purpose of the Sea Guardian Advanced Security Guard Course is the familiarization and training of the Team Leaders to the following subjects:

  • Team Leader Duties
  • Rules for the Use of Force
  • Best Management Practices, ISPS Code, UNCLOS
  • Vessel Vulnerability and risk assessment
  • Crisis Response concept
  • First Aid – Trauma management