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Mission Statement

Sea Guardian (SG) Ltd. has developed an effective Quality and Security Management System (QSMS) in order to provide and maintain a consistently high quality outcome of the work it undertakes, as well as to ensure that proper communication, work control, and accountable records are generated for all pertinent responsibilities.
We are totally committed to setting and achieving quality standards that are capable of meeting the specified requirements and reasonable expectations of our customers.
It is the policy, therefore, of Sea Guardian to control and conduct its business of providing maritime security services by means of a formalised system of modern quality security management. This QSMS is in accordance with the requirements as specified in ISO 9001:2008 as well as in ISO 28000:2007 & ISO/PAS 28007:2012.
All staff members of Sea Guardian are familiarised with the contents of the developed QSMS. Furthermore, they are all willing to promote the aims and to observe and implement the systems and procedures defined in the performance requirements of their work.
Additionally, everyone connected with Sea Guardian is supported according to his or her individual needs for personal development.

We are committed to provide safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally sound services, in accordance with the International Standards, the recommendations of ISO/PAS 28007:2012 and the relevant maritime industry procedures.

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