German container ship attacked, 6 crew kidnapped, including Captain - 0
Securing Nigeria’s Maritime Territory - 0
21 Oct 17 - attack - 60NM SSW off Bonny Isl, Nigeria - 0
20 Oct 17 - attack - 50NM South of P.Harcourt, Nigeria - 1
Report of the Secretary-General on the situation with respect to piracy and armed robbery at sea off the coast of... 0
18 Oct 17 - suspicious approach - 200NM SW Gulf of Kutch, Indian Ocean - 0
4 takeaways from the IMB’s latest global piracy report - 0
Pirates still active off Nigeria - 0
Horrific Somalia bombing is sign of government's powerlessness - 0
PH, Malaysia, Indonesia launch trilateral air patrol vs terrorism - 0

Code of Conduct

Operational Excellence requires constant attention to countless details and human factors. Sea Guardian’s safety policy is based on 11 tenets of operation, a code of conduct that all maritime security team members and contractors use and those security team leaders and managers reinforce.
The Sea Guardian’s tenets are based on two principles:

Do it with safety. If not safe, do not do it at all.

Excellence is not an act. Excellence is a habit.

Code of Conduct

The Sea Guardian’s tenets of operation are: