11 February 2019 – Boarding,Caofeidian East Anchorage, China

Sea Guardian Maritime Security Advisories / Alerts

While at anchor, a perpetrator boarded the ship. The 2nd Officer sighted from the port bridge wings that the port low sulphur diesel oil (LSDO) tank manhole was opened and there was a hose connected to the tank. Over the port ship side, he saw a small unlit barge. He immediately alerted the master and chief officer. The duty A/B who was making his security rounds was also alerted to check on the port side. The perpetrator removed the hose from the tank immediately and jumped into the barge when his presence was discovered. Following the incident, a search on the ship was conducted. There were no other perpetrators found on board the ship. 67 metric tonnes of LSDO was reported stolen.The crew was not injured.
67 metric tonnes of low sulphur diesel oil were stolen.